The idea of “Freedom of Conscience,” the freedom of individuals to hold thoughts and beliefs independent of the coercion of others, exists as a cornerstone in the foundations of the history of the United States. So many modern events and issues regarding the First Amendment, state vs. federal power, freedom of religion, the Bill of Rights, human rights, and more all relate to this simple, yet powerful ideal.

To support education in freedom of conscience principles, we work to support the development of related in-class educational experiences for U.S. History, Government, Religion, and other courses at the high-school level. In addition, we are launching the second annual Freedom Classroom in Washington D.C. for one-week during the summer of 2013. Twelve high school students in the United States will be selected to participate in this experience, selected from applicants in a Freedom Classroom Essay Competition.

Please explore the information and resources on this site and share any thoughts you may have. As educators continue to develop “Freedom of Conscience” experiences in the classroom, we will also be featuring a number of shared lesson plans and ideas. If you are an educator interested in sharing ideas and best practices with others, please let us know on our “contact us” page.


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