Day One (Wednesday) 6/13/12: Monticello, Montpelier

10:00 AM: Leave Dulles Airport for Montpelier

10:30 AM: Stop for food (Brunch)

11:15 AM: Head to Montpelier

11:30 AM: Arrive at Montpelier, begin discussion on James Madison

12:15 PM: Head to Monticello, VA

1:00 PM: Arrive at Monticello, VA

1:20 PM: Enter Monticello grounds

5:00 PM: Leave Monticello, heading for Glen Allen, VA

6:00 PM: Arrive at Glen Allen, Food stop

7:15 PM: Arrive at hotel, begin check-in

7:45 PM: Check in completed

9:00 PM: Lights out

Day Two (Thursday) 6/14/12: Williamsburg

8:00 AM: Leave for Colonial Williamsburg, VA

9:20 AM: Arrive at Williamsburg, VA

9:30 AM: Enter the grounds of Colonial Williamsburg, VA. Lunch will be eaten at the colony at students’ discretion. Further discretion of what will happen when at the colony will be discussed upon further investigation

5:00 PM: Meet at the buses to head back to Glen Allen, VA. Stop for Dinner in Williamsburg

6:20 PM:  Leave Williamsburg, VA for Glen Allen, VA

7:40 PM: Arrive at hotel

7:50 PM: Meet for group sessions

8:50 PM: Group Sessions over

10:00 PM: Lights out

Day Three (Friday) 6/15/12: Antietam and Harpers Ferry

7:30 AM: Leave for Harpers Ferry, WV

10:00 AM: Arrive at Harpers Ferry, WV. We will be eating in the Harpers Ferry area

1:00 PM: Leave for Antietam National Battlefield, MD

1:30 PM: Arrive at Antietam National Battlefield, Md and take all tours available until closing time

5:00 PM: Leave Antietam National Battlefield, MD and head for Hagerstown, MD

6:20PM: Arrive in Gaithersburg, MD and stop to eat

7:15 PM: Check in at Marriott in Gaithersburg, MD

7:40 PM: Students will have both a mixture of time to relax and put the final touches on their presentations that will be given at the church in the D.C. area. Worship at sundown.

Day Four (Saturday) 6/16/12: Gaithersburg

8:00 AM Meet for Breakfast

9:00 AM: Leave for church in the D.C. area

2:30 PM: Sabbath Afternoon Seminar Presentations

**Saturday will consist primarily of going to church and presenting in the afternoon what we have learned about Freedom of Conscience. The presentation each student will be presenting will be up to them to decide and make. However, they will have both the teachers and historical references to use in order to make their presentations. Lunch will be at the church.

5:30 PM: Arrive back at the hotel. The rest of the night’s activities will be up to the relative discretion of the student. Pool time will be available along with an exercise room. There will be a pizza party for dinner

10:30 PM: Lights out

Day Five (Sunday) 6/17/12: Fairfax, VA

8:45 AM: Leave Gaithersburg, MD for Fairfax Marriott, VA

10:00 AM: Arrive at Fairfax Marriott, VA

10:30 AM: Lecture Begin

12:30 PM: Lecture end

1:00 PM: Lunch

2:00 PM: Lecture begins

4:30 PM: Lecture ends

**Sunday will consist of a lecture day. Different lecturers will be invited to talk and present their ideas. Students will ask questions and think of things to ask while lobbying. Lunch and dinner will be eaten somewhere around the Marriott area.

5:00 PM: Dinner

6:00 PM: Students will meet and be told who their representatives are. Materials needed for lobbying will be handed out and discussed in order to ensure familiarity with the topics.

Day Six (Monday) 6/18/12: Washington D.C., Lobby Day

7:45 AM: Leave Fairfax, VA for Washington D.C.

8:45 AM: Arrive at Washington D.C.

9:15 AM: Arrive at Capitol Building for Lobbying

12:00 PM: Stop for Lunch somewhere in the Rayburn Building

1:00 PM: Everyone meets to head to the National Archives and Supreme Court, Library of Congress. Walk by the White House

5:00 PM: Head back on the metro to Fairfax, VA

6:15 PM: Stop in Fairfax, MD to get something to eat

7:15 PM: Arrive at Marriott in Fairfax, VA

7:45 PM: Begin discussions

8:45 PM: Discussions end

10:30 PM: Lights out

Day Seven (Tuesday) 6/19/12: The General Conference

9:00 AM: Meet for discussions of the tours and influential figures we be meeting at the General Conference.

9:30 AM: Leave Fairfax, VA for General Conference, Silver Springs, MD

10:20 AM: Arrive at the General Conference, Silver Springs, MD

12:00 PM; Lunch at the Cafeteria at the General Conference

1:00 PM: Lectures continue and visit the White Estate

5:00 PM: Leave the General Conference, Silver Springs, MD to Washington, D.C. for awards Banquet

6:00 PM: Arrive at awards Banquet (tentative)

10:00 PM: Leave for Fairfax, VA

10:45 PM: Arrive in Fairfax, VA

10:50 PM: Lights out

Day Eight (Wednesday) 6/20/12: Holocaust Museum, The Cumulation of the loss of Freedom of Conscience

9:00 AM: Leave Fairfax, VA for Holocaust Museum, D.C.

9:45 AM: Arrive at the Holocaust Museum and wait for entrance

10:00 AM: Enter the Holocaust Museum

12:00 PM: Eat at the Holocaust Museum

1:50 PM: Leave the Holocaust Museum for Dulles International Airport (IAD)

2:30 PM: Arrive at Dulles International Airport (IAD)

2:40 PM: Enter the terminal and conclusion of program

Bon Voyage


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