Student/Parent Fact Sheet

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What Is The Value Of Freedom Classroom?

The educational value that NARLA West provides goes beyond visiting historical sites and recalling the historical events of the past and far beyond classroom interaction. The Freedom Classroom will demonstrate how you can make a difference in preserving an individual’s freedom of conscience under the U. S. Constitution and connect this freedom with the mission of the church in this country.  NARLA West educators and historical specialists will address the social, political and moral values associated with the visited historical sites.  Since history often repeats itself, these events will be viewed in the context of their contemporary importance. Those attending Freedom Classroom will have the opportunity to struggle with solutions to contemporary issues and share them with other members of the classroom congressmen and agencies who work in the DC area.  It is a journey which includes perspectives of special interest related to Freedom of Conscience by Attorneys, Congressmen and Senators as they are available.

What Is The Plan?

  • NARLA West will provide a limited number of scholarships 6 at $1,000 and 6 at $500 to support participation in the first annual Freedom Classroom.  This will provide an exceptional educational opportunity to consider contemporary polarizing Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion constitutional issues that may require additional interpretative applications of the constitution by the Supreme Court.
  • It will provide an opportunity for students to meet their Congressmen and Senators to lobby for continued Freedom of Conscience in the United States if Congress is in Session.
  • It will provide an opportunity for those applying to college to list “Freedom Classroom” as a special award related to 1st Amendment Freedom of Conscience rights
  • It will broaden the student’s insight and help them to understand that mission work begins at home.  The greatest mission experience of all is to be Spirit-direct Freedom Creator.

How to Win a Scholarship

  • Students from participating academies in the Freedom Classroom pilot program and who desire to win a Freedom Classroom scholarship must present a 1,500-2,000 word essay based on one of the topics provided by NARLA West.
  • Go to the Freedom Classroom website,, to download/complete the Freedom Classroom and University Scholarship application form and its instructions for submitting essays.
  • Winning essays will be chosen by NARLA West and Think Tank Team Members.
  • Student scholarship applications will be approved upon receipt of an e-recommendation from a Teacher (Pastor for public school applicants).
  • Scholarship applications will be approved upon receipt of an e-recommendation from a student’s teacher.
  • Student essays will be accompanied by a 250 word personal statement about why “Freedom of Conscience” and “Freedom of Religion” is especially important in today’s polarized society.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The estimated cost is $1,250 not including incidental expenses.
  • Winning students can raise money by visiting Attorneys and Business Social Community Leaders interested in good government.
  • For information, comments, and updates visit the Freedom Classroom website or the web/blog site.
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