Sample Discussion Topics


  • What were the historical social, economic, moral, political and/or human rights issues/reasons for Harper’s Ferry, Antietam, and Gettysburg, etc?
  • Compare these issues in their historical Civil War setting with the current polarized issues in our nation? Discuss the solutions currently being proposed to these issues and needs of today’s society. Do they support Freedom of Religion the Conscience and the Bill of Rights?
  • John Brown was certainly a forerunner of Civil and Equal Rights. What issues were raised and settled by the Civil war? What are the most important issues which still remain unsettled and currently cause deep division in the nation over the concept of “Equality” and Civil Rights?
  • Explain the Gospel in terms of Freedom of Conscience and coercion. How would the civil war North and South governments interpret or understand the perspective of Freedom of Conscience and coercion?
  • How did the Patriot Act affect both the 1st and 4th Amendment?
  • Lakoff (Berkley University) has done extensive research to show that the more we attack a persons belief system the deeper we drive them into ratifying their beliefs. How do we communicate in the political/ religious arena without marginalizing or demonizing belief systems and thus ratifying them?
  • What is the difference between pro-action and reaction? Can you name any issues in the Political or Christian communities where there is current reaction instead of pro-action?

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